FreeBurn Stands Up Against The Competition!

Turn a Liability into an asset! Your bookkeeper will Thank You!

There are 140,000 Btu's of heat in one gallon of oil. Why not use that potential heat to your advantage? FreeBurn delivers! We have sold hundreds of FreeBurn Kits. Every buyer has been pleased with its performance, and many are amazed!

At the heart of the FreeBurn Used Oil Heating System is our exclusive engineered Burner Control System, extensively tested to burn waste oil cleanly and efficiently. Separate, precise controls for oil flow and combustion air allow you to adjust the burn rate for best performance and the heat output you want. This is one great burner that provides thorough mixing of oil vapors and combustion air, and intense heat for vaporizing the oil. The result is so clean that the exhaust is smoke-free!

If you have equipment, you have used oil. The EPA has ruled that you or your heirs are responsible for the disposal of any oil you use and any contamination that results from it, even if you sell your property or have the oil transported off site.

We're Talking...Toasty!

This winter, have a warm comfortable shop without having to pay for fuel with a FreeBurn used oil heating system. There is a good chance you have a few drums behind your shop right now that could be warming you this winter when things get chilly.

Turn that liability into an asset with a FreeBurn used oil heater! You can-

  • Cut heating cost by 90%

  • Eliminate a hazardous liabilty

  • Be warm and toasty all winter with free heat from used motor oil, gear oil, transmission fluid, vegetable oil, even deep-fryer oil!

  • Low Cost - 1/4 to 1/3 the price of commercial heaters!
  • Simple design means fewer components and minimal downtime!
  • Easy to troubleshoot - no trained serviceman required!
  • No filtering needed - just strain the oil!
  • Larger range of oil viscosities than the competition!
  • No plugged nozzles because there are no nozzles!
  • Synthetic oil? Burn away by mixing with regular oils!
  • Adjustable heat output!
  • Very high efficiency - up to 85%!
  • Simple Assembly - No Welding!
  • Save by building and maintaining it yourself!
Our shop is a metal building with 2" insulation and 3 large bay doors. The shop area is 70' x 80' with a 24' ceiling. With a PapaBurn, at 32 degrees outside we can maintain 70 degrees or more in the building on 3/4 gallon of used oil per hour. Shop - Meet The Team

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More info: Waste Oil Heater PDF

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