FreeBurn Used Oil Heating Systems

Why Build a FreeBurn Waste Oil Heater Kit instead of buying a commercial one?

PapaBurn, MamaBurn and BabyBurn

Advantages Compared to Commercial Units
• Low initial cost - 1/3 to 1/2 the price of commercial heaters
• Simple design • fewer components • fewer problems
• Easy to troubleshoot - does not require a trained serviceman
• No filtering needed - just strain the oil!
• Larger range of oil viscosities
• Simple means to get rid of antifreeze and used oil filters (PapaBurn)
• No nozzle to plug
• Synthetic oil can be burned when mixed with regular oils
• Variable heat output
• No air compressor required
• Very high heat efficiency with our heater kits
• Much lower yearly maintenance cost
• Build and install it yourself
• Commercial units usually require the shop and oil to be at least 50° or they will not fire up. We
started ours once with it 7° above zero (oil has to be warm enough to flow).
• Commercial units normally require the burner to be serviced yearly at $300.00 and up.

Disadvantages Compared to Commercial Units
• Does not operate off a thermostat
• Cannot be mounted from ceiling or wall
• Combustion chamber should be cleaned every 12 to 24 hours of operation (takes just a few minutes)
• Must be started manually
• Because they are kits, they are not UL approved, but they use UL approved electrical components

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More info: Waste Oil Heater PDF

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